Modern shower enclosure with saloon door for internal and external opening

The model Praia Inda shower enclosure in glass belonging to the wide range of bathroom furnishings of the brand, always of high aesthetic value. Innovative finishes and a rich color palette guarantee a unique customization and durable materials that resist different substances or compounds. Inda designs solutions for the Modern bathroom with shower enclosures that combine well-designed lines and lots of practicality, as this environment requires. In the showroom you will be able to touch the most exclusive furnishing compositions of the famous and renowned brand: we are waiting for you to furnish together the wellness room. With the proposals we offer you will guarantee you furniture made in a workmanlike manner and design even for the bathroom, which must be carefully furnished, with practicality and design. Beautiful and indispensable in every bathroom, a model in modern glass like the one in the image to solve your living needs of all kinds.

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