Mobile bathroom Corner Linea Azzurra Bathroom

  • Mobile bathroom Corner Lacquered Gloss

Mobile bathroom Corner Lacquered Gloss

The Bathroom furniture presents compositions to create complex projects with high aesthetic content. The bathroom nowadays no longer just a service environment, but has the same dignity of the remaining interior. In our shop you will find various proposals by Azzurra Bathroom furniture Baths for furnishing the environment of well-being. The Mobile Bath Corner Linea Azzurra Wooden bathhouses decorates the bathroom in modern style with functionality and refinement. Not only Bathroom furniture but also objects included in the project for the bathroom of Bagni d'Azur. The Bathroom furniture signature Blue Baths provides compositions of great charm, quality materials and refined lines. The Mobile Bath Corner Linea Azzurra Bathroom is part of the series of proposals Azur Bathrooms enable maximum progettualit for Bathroom furniture.

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