Traditional Kitchen Bs 02

  • Kitchen Lacquered Polished decorated with Capitals

Kitchen Lacquered Polished decorated with Capitals

With a Basic Series kitchen in classic style, you will have the opportunity to organize the space with style and rationality. With kitchens in high gloss, simply pull the complements, enriching the kitchen area with characteristic details. The furnishes corner kitchen and facilitates the movements between one zone and the other, so providing maximum efficiency in the kitchen. Buying a kitchen in classic style allows a wide customization and offers a chance to settle it according to user requests. On the market there are different types of corner kitchen, such as the Basic Series brand. The Kitchens at an angle, are arranged in the environment in an efficient and pleasant. Today's easy to select the draft angle that meets the personal needs food. The Classic Kitchen 02 Bs you can design in different versions, shades and finishes.

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