Angle Bs 05 Kitchen

  • Angle Polished Lacquered Kitchen

Angle Polished Lacquered Kitchen

The Kitchens corner, though well equipped, guarantee surprising results and never dull. Choose a corner kitchen in high gloss it does not mean sacrificing style. If boater modern style, with us you can buy your corner kitchen. Basic Series offers the opportunity to choose between its many types of kitchens in high gloss. The proposed Basic Series a kitchen with glossy lacquered finish. Practicality and design are mixed in the kitchens corner. This proposal Cooking Corner 05 Bs you can have in most finishes. There are various versions of modern style kitchen. Sometimes the modern style kitchen is presented in glossy lacquer. The choice of an environment shaped kitchen comes from the shape of the room or a choice of style. advisable to take into account that the kitchen a very exposed environment, for this reason, the glossy lacquered proposal requires care and maintenance.

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