Kitchen Design BS 07

  • Island kitchen with Corian and Shelves Disappearing

Island kitchen with Corian and Shelves Disappearing

The choice of a kitchen-style design allows for a wide customization and leaves the faculty to compose depending on the needs of the user. With a Basic Series kitchen design style, you can decorate the room with taste and rationality. The Kitchen Design 07 Bs you can design in different compositions, colors and finishes. The kitchen island with furnishes and simplifies operations between one zone and the other, providing a remarkable efficiency cos in the kitchen. These days easy today to choose the kitchen with island variant that satisfies our needs. With the wooden kitchens, easy to support the complements, enriching the kitchen area with fine details. The kitchens with island, will make up the environment in a functional way. On the market there are different types of kitchen with island, such as the Basic Series brand.

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