Library in Oak B Green 03 Alf from Fr

  • Suspended Oak Library

Suspended Oak Library

The different pieces of furniture in the living optimally organize a room where we devoted to relaxation, we welcome people, watching TV, work activities take place, you eat. Libraries in a signature modern style wooden Alf From Fr, which organize stays combining functionality and unique design. This and wide range of wooden libraries Alf From Fr brand will help it to compose and exhibit space to include. This model library in Oak B Green 03 by Fr Alf offers a touch of class to our stay. Stays In our homes we will place different furnishings, including the Library in Oak B Green 03 Alf from Fr, as well as tables and chairs, furnishing accessories. Various forms to compose and assemble at will: open shelves or closed with doors, room dividers, to design several versions. In Stays in modern style is placed in the Library Green Oak B 03 Alf from Fr wood. From Fr Alf offers a wide range of proposals for libraries, to equip perfectly the walls of the living room, giving very useful space to display and organize books, newspapers, small objects.

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