Our interiors must be designed and furnished with care following peculiar needs, both with regard to aesthetics and functionality, such as a sartorial dress.

Only who can count on the maximum professionality and competence in the field can offer the planning of valid solutions for your lifestyle, with deep attention to the smallest designing details which define a unique and tailor-made home.

Camagni Interiors has started widening its kitchens showroom from 1999, proposing goods by high-quality brands and making every furnishing dream come true.

Our approach since 1999

Every home tells something about the people who live it, for this reason Camagni Interior's staff wish to meet and know clients before designing their furnishing solutions: your are always at the centre of the plan.

Enjoying your home means to create the perfect arrangement of furniture, finding the perfect context for a better lifestyle in every moment of your daily routine. The choice for the ideal pieces of furniture represents the portrait of ourselves, reflected on ambiances and accessiories which compose them. Details, the selection of precious materials, the chromatic combinations and the lighting conditions always tell something about us.

The use of high-quality materials, mixed with innovative technologies and a three-generations old know-how, makes Camagni a well structured company, the strong point of which is the constant research for the perfect living style of every single client, combining the concept of beauty and comfort, precision and harmony, latest design and classic shapes.


The products that Camagni displays come all with a 10 years-long warranty for structures and components, starting from the date of the purchase. The guarantee will be applied only if the product has been used properly. The eventual wrong use of the product will immediately void the warranty.
The client will have the possibility to require the replacement of eventual alterated or damaged parts of the products, following verification of internal specialists.
The warranty won't cover the natural variations of wooden surfaces or colours, caused by deterioration through years, light and natural ageing of wood itself. In case of compositions made of various products, purchased in different moments, the uniformity of colour and grain won't be ensured.
The use of specific products for the maintenance of furniture must then follow the exact directions provided by our qualified personnel.

Designing - Assistance


Starting from a simple floor plan we proceed with the realization of detailed quotes and projects - which are renderings studied with the same client and then displayed on LCD wide monitors, situated in our departments.


In case of quotes and renderings definitively realized with the client, a real sales contract will be stipulated and a small amount clause kindly required. At that point we go ahead with the edefinition of all the details of the project.


Before the final production of the good, we will give to the client the executive renderings designed by our architects and the CD containing them, obviously set in your probable home-space with lights and furnishing accessories.


The transport and the mounting phase will be carried out by only internal Camagni Kitchens' personnel. All kitchens and pieces of furniture in general, before being transported to the client's home, are installed and tested ex-factory in order to verify that the worktops, appliances and the pieces of furniture themselves are properly fixed on the basis of the order.

In case of flats situated above the first floor, we are equipped with cranes which let us easily reach the place of delivery , with a maximum height of 25 meters.

Our Staff