The sleeping area is the most intimate space in the house, dedicated to daily relaxation, so the furnishings must always recreate a soothing atmosphere. In the shop you can see firsthand the various metal offers of Flexform, among which you can also find double models with headboard. The right type of bed must follow your personal style and a certain idea of style, what matters is that it is well suited to the size and functions of the environment. The products built in metal by the brand offer your sleeping area a touch of elegance and charm, for a space devoted to maximum comfort. With the Flexform metal double beds, including this well-made model, you will have a beautiful and very functional piece of furniture in your sleeping area. Cestone bed with headboard by Flexform: it will prove to be ideal for a sleeping area with modern references, being a solution designed to ensure the best rest and the right support for everyone.

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