Fixed chair in Gelsomina wood by Flexform

The purchase of a good model will depend on the mood of the room, its measures and functions; possible alternatives for materials are wood, plastic and metal. The dining area and the living room are domestic rooms dedicated to conviviality, a central point for relationships with friends and relatives during meals, parties and so on. People gather around the table every day to have lunch or to talk with friends and relatives, which is why the purchase of the seats is truly essential. The seats equip the dining area and the living room of the house, defining the spaces with rationality and coherence and optimally mixing functionality and style. The quality of the finishes and great aesthetic value make this proposal of Gelsomina wooden chair by Flexform in wood ideal for your living needs. With the most beautiful modern proposals, you can embellish your interiors with style and practicality, with all the guaranteed quality of Flexform.

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